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Sort out everything beforehand.

Instead of sorting clothes on the laundry day, do it in advance. Take different bags and sort out accordingly. It allows you to separate your laundry load and will also save your time on the laundry day.

If you want to wash each family member’s clothes separately, then make different bags and label them with the person’s name. If you like to wash laundry by their color or texture, then label each bag according to that. On laundry day, you only have to take each bag one at a time to a laundry room and transfer all the clothes from it to the washer. No sorting will be required and you will get the clothes washed just as you needed.

Treat the stains/spots immediately.

Just like sorting laundry, stain/spot removal on the laundry day can take a lot of time and the stains also get stubborn if left for longer. Taking each cloth from the bag, one-by-one, and removing its stains before putting it into the washer is a pain.

So, treat the stains/spots before the laundry day. When you are sorting out the laundry and put each item into a separate bag, do treat the stains during that as it will be much more manageable. And in this way, you won’t be overloaded with work on the laundry day. Plus it’s recommended to remove the stains just as they come in contact with the contact because, with time, they get stubborn.

Use zippered mesh bags for laundry.

You must be aware of these bags. They are also known as lingerie bags or delicate wash bags. They are easily available at dollar shops, or your favorite one-stop-shop online stores like Amazon, Ali Express, etc. They come in various sizes and a range of porousness. It’s better to get them in different sizes to accommodate all of your laundries in it. Thick mesh bags with smaller holes are perfect for delicate clothes i.e. blouses, sweaters, blouses, or items with laces. Special bags with a bit of structure are good for undergarments, while large bags can accommodate other clothing items.

How it helps in moving things along? You can place the clothes that need to be air-dried into a separate zipper bag, so you don’t have to waste time pulling them out between the washer and the drier. Also, you can save time which you spent hand washing certain items or separating clothes from each other. The mesh bags are perfect to protect clothes from tangling during the spin. To make the best use of mesh bags, buy the bags with hidden zippers so they stay close firmly during the wash cycle. You can put different items inside a single mesh bag but don’t overfill it so that the detergent and water can freely move into the bag and reach each cloth entirely.

Separate laundry into fewer loads.

Mesh bags are very helpful in cutting down the no. of loads that you had to wash. Fewer the loads, lesser the time required. According to studies, full loads tend to be cleaned more efficiently and effectively than a load with just a few items. Just make sure that you don’t overload the washer/dryer. A good rule is to fill the washer/dryer until its ¾ filled so that each item gets the required amount of water, detergent, and gets rinsed thoroughly.

One of the good ways to use mesh bags in your regular washing and folding is to separate each family member’s clothes into a zippered bag and washing them together. When it’s folding time, take each person’s already sorted bag into their rooms. You can also put the socks into a bag so they don’t get lost.

Use the “Quick Wash” cycle.

Does your washer support a “quick” cycle? Nowadays, most of the washers do. A quick cycle takes half of the time of the “normal” cycle. You might be thinking that the ‘Is the quick cycle cleans your laundry just like the normal cycle? The answer to this question is yes. In doesn’t matter which cycle you are using, you will get the perfect wash, anyway.

Wash less often.

Some clothes need to be washed after every wear. T-shirts, socks, undies, and stained items need to be washed between wears. But, you can get mileage from towels, jeans, dress slacks, bras, pantyhose, and more. This tip needs a mental shift, so it’s not for everyone. That’s okay!

Most of the people have the habit of throwing their clothes into the hamper after wearing them – it might be like a routine to many of you. But, some clothes can go a little longer from wash to wash. Some clothes need a wash before they can be worn again. Those can go directly into the hamper. However, clothes that can go longer: you need to perform a little sniff test on them. Do they still smell good? If yes, hang them into the open air and wear them again. It’s good to spray some linen spray or Febreze on lightly worn clothes and then let them air out. This is a great thing to do on clothes that have been worn for a shorter time or that weren’t worn during sweat-hours.

Let the dryer do the ironing.

Do you take the clothes out of the dryer when the cycle completes? If not, you might have seen wrinkles on the clothes after drying. Take the clothes out of the dryer when it’s complete. If you will do so, you will see that your clothes will be wrinkle-free. Fold the pants right after drying the, hang the shirts completely flat. Keep the socks, undies, and other smaller items into a laundry basket. If there are any clothes with wrinkles, just spin them into the dryer with a damp cloth for 10-15 minutes and it’s done!

Do multitasking.

Laundry is good because it’s rhythmic. Start with a first load into the washer, and keep doing something side by side until the cycle ends. You can cook food during that time, do some cardio, or anything else. Now when the wash cycle ends and you put the clothes into the dryer, you again have time for doing something. Once the drying cycle is complete, you can start folding or ironing your clothes until the 2nd load is in the washer. Multitasking helps you in saving your time, and you also don’t get bore waiting during the washing/drying cycles.

Take each cycle’s time as a countdown. Set a goal and try to accomplish it before the buzzer goes off. When you give yourself a task in a limited time, you try your best to reach your goal so it’s the best way to be productive. Start multitasking from today and be productive!

Let the kids help you.

No one is unable to do laundry. Well, it might be like an overstatement but it’s somehow true. By learning the basics of laundry, kids can develop a greater sense of responsibility at their early age. So it’s good to get help from the kids during laundry.

To start, let them help you loading the washer with clothes or you can ask them to bring the laundry bags to the laundry room. With time, you can teach them how to sort out laundry and remove stains/spots. For kids, pressing the washer/dryer buttons and watching the machine’s rotation is the real fun so let them do that. Just put the stickers on the buttons i.e. power button, start button, and stop button, etc. on the washer/dryer so it becomes easy for them to understand.

Outsource the laundry altogether!

No matter how easy it gets, laundry is a boring thing to do. Outsource the laundry service and invest your time into something productive.

With Tommy Laundromat’s drop off laundry service Philadelphia, you get a guaranteed service. Just drop off your laundry and leave the rest to us. Your laundry is safe in our hands. By handing over your laundry to us, you’ll be able to spend your free time with friends and family or getting important things done instead of wasting time doing laundry. TL’s drop off laundry service Philadelphia is perfect when you’ve returned from a long vacation, or your house’s filled with guests, or in those times when the laundry gets out of control.


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